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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wonderful ATG 700! (Glue Gun)

I finally bought some rolls of tape for my ATG Glue Gun.  I bought the gun ages ago when Helen from 'It's  All Fiddle Fart' (this is getting to be a habit Helen, hope you don't mind!) spoke so highly of it.  This really is a crafter's wonder product!  The rolls (10 of them) came today and I watched the YouTube video on how to put one in. It's not that difficult its just that you need to know which bits go where.

This is what the 'gun' looks like:

It really surprised me how big it was when it was delivered!  But its not heavy, just BIG!

Its true that when you get it set up though you want to glue everything in sight.  Its like the way men are with their drills, its a FUN tool! :-)

I used mine today to matt & layer some snow photos that I had taken in January:

I love the colour combination of black, red & white and when there has been snow red items seem to be extra noticeable - even recycling boxes!  (I also added a bit more contrast using online photo service, Picnik)

If you google 'ATG 700' you will find a few places that sell it and no, I'm not on commission - unfortunately!


K said...

Gorgous layout!

PepPop said...

Ooh aren't you lucky - a new toy to play with :) Jaqui x

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