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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Valentine Nostalgic Music Scrapbook

Today on the crafty forums of MSE, we were discussing mini scrapbooks and whilst looking for some interesting links I found this one.  The idea appealled to me to use for Valentine's Day as my husband and I have quite a few musical memories I could add to the inside.

This is what I came up with:
A nostalgic music scrapbook!  This is the cover with this 'pretend'  record
and this is the back cover...

..with this 'pretend' record:

(These two records were chosen for their romantic titles)

I modified the design used on the other website to include copies of the record covers too.  When I saw them they brought back such memories, I thought they would be ideal to use as an added nostalgic detail.

Instead of spoiling actual records (we still have a working record player!), I copied the record and the covers using the copy facility of my printer and then stuck them onto card. You could print them straight onto the card if your printer allows.

Inside, I stuck the copies of the two records to the inside of the front and back covers and added some more black card to put the memories on.  These were cut record size by drawing round a record and cutting out all the pages freehand. 
(While doing this post, I just bought a Martha Stewart circle cutter from QVC, because I realised I need to cut out circles much more accurately!)

To join it all together I used my crop-o-dile, punching through all the pages, and fixed it onto a couple of book rings. (Note to self, need bigger book rings!)

Finally, I added the handwritten details in black pen, the hearts, the notes and the lettering to the front and the kisses on the back.  I used to doodle and write on my real record covers years ago so that brings back memories too.

The whole project looks so realistic, my husband could accidently think its real!   I'm going to add the music memories next- in private! :-)


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