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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Inspirational Quotes

A while ago I used to be obsessed with self-improvement books, not necessarily carrying out the advice in them (too scary!) but collecting them, reading them and agreeing with all the wisdom they were telling me.   It's taken a while but I feel I've come through that now, I no longer feel that 'hold' that they had over me.  I say that, but I still have a collection of them in a drawer gathering dust, and haven't gone that final step of getting rid of them!

In fact today, I had a go at copying a few quotes from them as my craft.  I wrote them in calligraphic writing and may one day make a mini-scrapbook to keep in my bag.

Here they are:


PepPop said...

I love the second last one - they're the kind of wrinkles I think we'd all want. Jaqui x

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