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Friday, 5 February 2010

Aaaah Monsters!

Hi to all my followers and viewers old and new and thank you for dropping in.

With the weekend on its way, I thought I would put on an easy craft that children (or the young-at-heart) can make.

Here they are:

After doing the colourful combinations (opposite colours on the colour circle work well), I made a jellyfish type for Ryan because he's fascinated with them:

They are SO simple to make but can be messy, watch that glue it can get EVERYWHERE!

All you do is make a colourful background by matting and layering coloured paper.  You then get a ball of wool and cut it depending on how you want your monster to look.  Stick just the top of his 'head' to the background, letting his hair fall freely. Stick more layers on top, if necessary. Also give it a 'haircut' in places if you need to. Finally, stick on your googly eyes and when its dry, jiggle the card to woggle the eyes and hair. Maybe give it a different hairstyle...?  Then let the real kids have a turn, he,he...


Rainmac said...

They are brilliant!!! I have 2 little monsters that would like making these, thanks for the idea x

qwiksave said...

Thanks Rainmac, and thanks for joining me. Have fun making the monsters with the boys! qwiksave x

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