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Monday, 8 February 2010

Picnik photos

Today's post I think is artistically interesting but it may not be craftisticly (think thats my very own word!) interesting! 

I've been having a play on the super duper (in MY opinion) online photo editing program, Picnik  (which regular readers will know about).  I don't work for them (or get any commission -Bah!) but I just love using the site to alter my photos.  In fact I want to go back and alter ALL of them, all billion (approximately) I have in my loft and on my computer.

So, I scanned some interesting old photos in and for your entertainment, have given you some Before and
After shots:

and AFTER:
and finally BEFORE
..and AFTER
The last one is my fave, all that crumbly, rusting texture.  I , of course, don't remember old money (nose grows a bit) and nor do you, do you? 


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