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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Olde London Town

Thought I'd do an extra post tonight, (well, its morning now),as I'm not feeling particularly sleepy.  I must admit most nights I go to bed thinking about crafting, which can make it a bit difficult to get to sleep.  I've been waiting for the elusive crafting 'eureka' moment, but it has so far managed to escape me.

Anyway, this post isn't about a craft I've done, its about a purchase I made recently.  It was another one of my charity shop bargains (no, don't groan!) .  It was a tiny set of 'Real Photo's of London', taken a long while ago and it was only 50p! (Gasp!) for 12.  I have scanned a couple of them in and you can see much more detail than when they were small. 

This is the first one of Piccadily Circus:
(Oops, its chopped the top off)

Can you spot the man (right hand side of the lampost) with his hands behind his back? Did people really walk like that?

and this is the photo of the 'Thames Embankment':
Aren't they great?  I love looking at old things.  I love vintage stuff too, I'd like to do some crafting with vintage materials. (Brain goes into overdrive...)

Meanwhile, hope you didn't mind this extra post,and getting back to the photos, has anybody any idea what date these might be from?  The original photos themselves aren't dated. Curious, thats all.   Please let me know using the comments form.   Thanks.


Carmen said...

What a find! I know what you mean about loving this sort of stuff. When we first moved in here my landlord dropped in a photocopy of a b&w picture he had found of this house from many, many years ago. I love it and keep meaning to frame it. The street has changed in so many ways but stayed the same in so many others :)

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