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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Shoes, Rain and Pancakes!

I haven't had a photography post for a while so today will make up for it!  I took my boys into town in glorious sunshine today - one of them insisted on only wearing his tshirt! :-O

First photo to show you were some creative shoes found in a charity shop that I photographed. They were like shoes covered in scrapbooking paper:
I have used a bit of 'artistic licence' on my photos again today, yes, Picnik!: 
Next up, we went to an italian cafe for lunch and I had this strawberry pancake with icecream (yum!):
and my younger son had a chocolate spread and banana one.  This is what they gave him:
On the way home, it poured with rain...
This lady, walking her dog was dressed from head to toe in red:
The sun was also shining, so it made great lighting effects - and a rainbow!:
We followed the rainbow home and were hoping that the pot of gold would be waiting at our house when we arrived back but no such luck!

(I did have some great post though, my Tim Holtz book & crafting goodies have arrived from QVC!) 


furrypig said...

Great photos love the shoes and the pancakes are making me feel hungry!

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