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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Image Transfer and Colourful Bandstand

My craft today didn't go to plan.  I was working with image transfers and most of what I tried failed to give me the desired result.  Never mind, I just know I need to do some more (fun!) experimenting...

I was inspired to do the image transfers by this book I got today:
Collage Discovery Workhop by Claudine Hellmuth (£1.85 from a charity shop!)

Admitedly, I haven't had chance to read it yet but I remember years ago doing a successful transfer of  a picture from a magazine I had of Elvis Presley.  So I tried the same method - which was using Cellulose Thinners - and it didn't work that well.  Maybe it depends on what type of newsprint the picture is on, they vary so much:

My set up showing picture I was going to copy::
You put your picture, image side down onto the paper (today I used posh Cotton paper from Paperchase) and with cotton wool soak the back. with the Cellulose Thinners.  Then use a pencil to draw over the back of the image.  This was the best result I had:
(The picture in front was the original I was copying)

I also tried a picture that was on newspaper but that didn't work at all.   Think I need to study that book! :-)

Other news and while passing our town bandstand today I was surprised to see it was all wrapped up in lots of different coloured yarn!:

It looked lovely in the sunshine!  It was part of some children's art project, but on passing later I noticed that it was all gone and put back to normal.


PepPop said...

I like the sound of this technique. I would never thought of trying something like this. It would look great with distressed pieces. Can't wait to see how you get on. Jaqui x

Carmen said...

Just spotted this post! What a find that book was. May have to look out for it.

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