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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Glitter Tattoo Tags

I have done an extra craft tonight,  because I felt my other one wasn't very craft-like!

This one is another for Valentines Day or just for any romantic occasion!  Gift tags!:
These are made using Glitter Temporary Tattoos
The tattoos are really glittery and you put them on the same as you do when putting them on skin. Take the plastic off the glittered design and soak the backing paper for 30 seconds. Lift off the backing and the transfer sticks itself to the tag! (or wherever you choose).

These particular transfers were part of a new range in 'Claires' accessory shop.  They had lots of different themed packets but they all seem to be 'child friendly' designs.  £3.50 for over 35 tattoos.

EDIT:  This post was changed today.  I thought the tags needed to be a bit more modern and reflect the nature of the tattoos, so I added my flourish stamps and some distressing. 

I must admit I'm not keen on real tattoos but am impressed with the artwork that goes into them.  I noticed that WHSmiths has a selection of  magazines completely dedicated to some amazing tattoo designs. 


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