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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mother's Day Card

First of all thank you to all my new viewers and followers, it's lovely to have so many new people!  You may have noticed that my post is very late, this is normal for me, my usual routine is to get the boys off to bed first (with a nightly reading of a story) and then panic about what craft I'm going to make for my blog! :-)

Here is the result of tonight's panic:

Now, I don't want you panicing, Mother's day this year is on March 14th, apparently.  Lots of time left to panic!

This particular card, which is another trial (I do like my trials, but I need to do them nice and early) was inspired by a project in my latest library book, 'Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Crafts'.  She has done a project very like this, except she used lots of punched flowers and leaves.  I have used a few paper flowers and of course, buttons for the centres.  The gold ivy leaves were some I got in a cardmaking kit a while back.   The lettering has been copied from Martha's card, I love the style.

Close ups:

I think if I do decide to do this card I won't bother putting the green stalks in, they don't really work.  I would think that my mother-in-law would like the card itself though, she loves flowers and gardening.


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