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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my viewers and followers, hope you got some nice romantic surprises. 

I'm still waiting for my husband to return from China and he's not expected back until Midnight!   This is the ONLY Valentine's Day we have been apart in 24 years! :-(

I still have this collection I made to give him (all the details are on other posts here), hope he appreciates them!
I need to make a baby card next.  My Brother-in-Law and his wife have just had their first baby 5 days ago.  It's a girl, the first girl in our family for a very long time. 


Crafty JuJu said...

Your Valentines collection that you have made is fantastic, your hubby will love them when he arrives home :)
Congratulations on the baby girl in the family :D

qwiksave said...

Thank you Crafty JuJu, you've cheered me up! :-) qwiksave x

PepPop said...

I hope you're enjoying your belated Valentine's Day. Jaqui x

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