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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Baby grow

Nobody able to date the London photos then?  Aww!  Any wild guesses? 1930's? 40's? ...

I'm running late tonight, my husband called from China and was talking to me for ages on Skype!  I daren't cut him off, they are 8 hours in front of us and its quite difficult to synchronise a time when one of us isn't sleeping!

(If you caught this post earlier, I apologise, I really didn't like that box I made, so OFF it went!)

Instead, I've done a simple little cute line drawing of a bear on a babygrow together with a matching coat hanger:

The idea to decorate children's coat hangers came from Martha Stewarts book.  Her designs were in colour though, maybe later on I will decide to colour mine in too.


SusieMay said...

Love the babygro - it's really cute!

qwiksave said...

Thanks SusieMay, it actually first belonged to my OLDER son, who is now TEN!! I hoard SO much stuff!

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