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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tricky Piccy

This is today's craft:
and no, its not just a strange picture, its one of those games where you jiggle all the pieces around....
...and try and get them back into the original picture...
no, that's not right!...
...or that!
Here, let me have a try!:
Oh!  Its harder than it looks!

The 'game' was shop bought (charity shop) but had never been used.  It was quite tricky to make this, there were loads of screws on the back that had to be undone to put your own pics in. (Not to mention the resizing the photo in the first place and cutting it to pieces).

It's a fun thing for the boys though and I'm pleased to say I got it back to normal, before the boys went off to dreamland.


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