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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Birthday Card and Birmingham

Today I made another card, a birthday card for one of my friends. 

Here it is: 
Its a bit of a change for me, all pink, ribbony and flowery, which is not like me at all!

The flowers were from Poppicrafts a while ago, I have added buttons for the centres and the ribbons were from my stash.  The sentiments were a free gift from a card mag a while ago too.

Close up photos:

Today, our family went out on a day out to Birmingham.  The boys and their dad went to see Avatar 3d at the Imax while I did a little shopping.  It was very crowded because of Half Term.

I went to Selfridges, its a massive building . On the ouside it is coloured blue and covered with loads of silver coloured discs (each one about the size of a tyre):
It does have a few windows around the other side and here it has a cafe balcony:
They sell all sorts of weird and wonderful things you never knew you needed, and there's also a Food Hall with its own sweet department.  In there there was a Jelly Bean area with this enormous model of a bull made out of Jelly Beans:
and Close-up:
Clever huh?

But there's not enough craft shops in Brum!  I did, however, get some scrapbooking bits from WHSmiths.


Helen said...

I LOVE your card - how pretty is that?

I hope you went into Paperchase in Selfridges!!

qwiksave said...

Oh yes, Helen! That was the first place I went to! lol qwiksave

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