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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Post Pals Cards

I love making things for and with children, basically I think it's because I'm still a big kid myself!

I got the idea for my craft today by reading the crafty forums on MSE (See link, top right). One of  the posts on there today was about Post Pals ( http://www.postpals.co.uk/)   This is a website which helps young UK children that are very seriously ill by requesting people send cards, letters and/or presents (if able) to cheer up the ill children and their siblings.

 I am sending these cards to a very sick little 2 year old girl and to her 4 year old sister.

The 2 year old likes Peppa Pig.  I made a big card (A4) with an envelope with a great big picture on  the back to match:
This was the card with nice brightly coloured pictures:
I've used decoupage glue to stick all the images down (images were from my children's old comic collection in the attic)  Decoupage glue gives a great finish but the envelope and card did bend a little in the morning. 

The big sister likes Snow White.  I found a nice big book with lots of colour illustrations, scanned them in, printed them and stuck them down. I also used a big picture on the envelope:
This was the card (A4 size):
I added hand drawn stitches, heart stickers and letter stickers to spell out her name.

Hopefully they will raise a smile.

Please visit the Post Pals website, and maybe you could send a homemade card or present to a very sick child. I'm sure it will be very much appreciated.


PepPop said...

Qwiksave what a brilliant idea and lovely cards, I'm sure the little girls will adore them. They're both so bright and cheery and I'm sure they'll give the LOs lots of smiles. Off to favourite the postpals website. Jaqui x

qwiksave said...

It's such a good cause, great site. I'm sure I will be sending more to other poorly children soon. qwiksave x

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