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Friday, 19 February 2010

My Birthday, Snow, Chatter...

Well! What a couple of days! I was hoping to come back home yesterday but yesterday evening the snow came down so thick in this part of the Midlands that the car wouldn't have made it! 

Fortunately it was lovely and sunny this morning so we made it back this afternoon when the snow had melted a bit.  This was the scene we woke up to though:
(My mother-in-law is of the old traditional sort though, she actually put washing out on that washing line later to dry!....)

The boys and my husband also made a pretty big snowman in that garden:

It was of course my birthday today, and I've had quite an enjoyable day but unfortunately not much crafting!  I must show you the card Ryan made me though:
Looks as though he made quite an effort!  I also love what he put on the back of the card!:

Quite the enterpreneur!

I have decided to save up my birthday money to watch (and maybe buy!) some of Tim Holtz's stuff next week on QVC, I lurrve his style!   

My mother-in-law also found an old sewing machine lying around so has let me have it!  It needs a new bobbin case before I can be let loose on it but hopefully soon...  (Wonder how you use one..?)

She also gave me loads of icing cake colourings and edible glitters from her cake making & decorating days (out of date for eating), wonder what I will do with that?... 

EDIT: Oops! Forgot to add the bit of crafting I did do which was this bit of doodling:
and these embellishments for cards or scrapbooks:
When I see the cost of embellishments in the shops I often think I should make my own.  This was me making a start. 


PepPop said...

Belated Happy Birthday!
Love the card your LO made for you. And I would def continue to make your own embellishments - they look great. Hope you enjoyed your day. Jaqui x

qwiksave said...

Thanks Jaqui. The card was made by my 10 year old son. I gave him some crafting supplies and this is what he came up with. I had a quiet birthday but that is what you want at my grand old age! lol qwiksave x

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