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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Glossy accents and Sunshine!

Was hoping to finish the calendar today, its not quite finished, but very nearly there.  I realised I hadn't shown you the title page, This I modified today by adding some Glossy Accents, a crafter's wonder product that changes a flat object into a 3d one. I used it on the numbers so it would match the embellished glossy flower stickers.  The numbers were made using the Grungeboard letter template onto the same papers I used inside and I handwrote the stitches again to match the inside pages:

I made the page for July and August today, again using my stash of sparkly gems.  I even discovered some mosquito gems that I didn't know I had.  I kept the theme to a bit of orange and lots of yellow/gold to reflect all the sun we're going to have this Summer! (lol)

Once I'd  completed putting all the gems on it again lacked something so I had the ingenious idea of adding some flight lines for the mosquitos.  I used the broken line technique I'd used for the letters and it worked so I then decided to change all the flowers into 'suns'.

I have added all the papers and calendar months to the last few pages so shouldn't take me too long to finish tomorrow, I might even have chance to do another craft!


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