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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Panoramic Views

Today's craft should have been an easy one -  just print out a series of 4 photos and stick them together as one long panoramic view.  I say, should have been easy, but my printer ihas been really temperamental recently and keeps jamming!  Grrr! Technology!  Eventually it'll work for one picture and then frankly refuse to do the next!

Anyway, this is what I eventually came up with:

The landscape has turned out a bit too dark, it was taken when it had been snowng and camera's have difficulties with exposing correctly when there's snow.  The sky was a beautiful colour though and the moon was still visible - at 8 o'clock in the morning.   (I know its not technically great either, very higgledy piggledy, but its only for showing to my husband who's in China at the moment, in the warm, where there's been no snow)  For a better picture I should  have used a tripod really!...

This single one was lovely, the sun and sky behind my children's Victorian school bell tower:

(All pictures taken from my attic room window)


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