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Sunday, 10 January 2010

An Early Valentine Idea

I know its a bit early to think about Valentine's Day yet but while browsing through my craft books I couldn't resist this easy idea for a lovely thoughtful craft that anyone could make for a loved one.

It's a little box with a pull out 'I Love You' message inside:

To make it you need:

A small round container with a lid (I used a see through plastic one that held WHS paper fasteners in it), 10 coloured circles (I cut mine with a punch) that fit in the container, a small hole punch (or needle), some small paper fasteners (or jump rings) and some letreset or letter stamps (optional)  I also used a heart stamp but you could easily draw one if you haven't got a stamp.

All you do is make a small hole in each of the circles on two opposite sides (except for the first & last circle, they only have one hole)  and join them together with the paper fasteners:

Back view:

Then add your lettering, in the book they used stamps, I used some old letreset which I distressed more with some scissors! You could simply write the letters, which might also be a nice idea if a child was doing this project.

You need a label for the lid that say's 'don't forget', I used a labelmaker but you could handwrite it or maybe do it on the computer.  That's the beauty of this project you can make it your own. 

Simply gather up your 'caterpillar' of letters' and put them into the container.  I also stuck a red circle onto the bottom of the container with my handwritten name and some 'X's' too! 

My thanks to Emily Falconbridge for the idea in the book 'Contemporary Cardmaking', another of my wonderful charity shop finds!


Florist said...

Very creative! U got talent, sis. Thanks for sharing.

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