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Monday, 25 January 2010

Rich Autumn Gold

Y'know some days aren't going to go to plan, like when you wake up in the morning and discover to your horror its 10 minutes to 9 and your kids should have been in school 10 minutes ago!!  Yep, that is exactly what happened to me this morning, and what can I say but ooops the embarrassment!...  Lesson learnt, keep that mobile under your pillow and set it on vibrate, foolproof! (er, maybe!)

Anyway, other things didn't go to plan either, including my plan to do lots of crafting today.  I only managed to get one more page of the calendar done, the page for September and October:

I think its one of my most favourite pages out of the whole calendar, could it be because it has swirls on it?  Probably. First of all I stuck the orange paper down, then rubber stamped in brown a tree leaf on it (yes I know I said no rabbits for April but leaves are more swish, OK?  lol)  I then got out my swirly stamps and  heat embossed them with a lovely rich gold (ideally I should have rubber stamped the swirls and embossed them before sticking the page into the book because the spirals got in the way but then it was that kind of day!)  I finished off with sticking the letters down with my glue dots, which have now RUN OUT!  How will I be able to complete the last page tomorrow? Panic! :-o  Are there any shops open at 5 minutes to 12 on a Monday night that sell glue dots?...


Carmen said...

Tesco? *g* Hope you sorted out the glue dot crisis - that happened to me the other week with DST! How does a crafter run out of DST? Grr!

qwiksave said...

Thanks for the suggestion Carmen, I couldn't really go and get some last night, I'd have had to wake my kids up to go with me. Apart from that I haven't got a car. It's OK though, I made myself go into town today and got some. Sorted!

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