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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Transparent Frames for Valentine

Phew!  My hands have been aching today because I have been manipulating wire around some frames with the wrong tool!  Don't laugh but what I grabbed from my husbands tool collection in the cellar were some secateurs rather than pliers - and wondered why I was having such difficulties.  (One of those infamous blond moments without being blond!)  Doh!  I did realise when I'd all but finished...

I was making these:

They were another of those cheapy craft sets from the local pound shop made by Grafix. These were called 'Make your own Mini frames':

They provide plastic squares (which you stick your photo onto the back of, not inside), the heart wire frames and some mini heart embellishments. (They also gave you some paper frames to colour in and some crayons, but I didn't bother with them).  There were also some small bits of wire to hang all the bits together, which you twist into shape.  I have to tell you I could never be a jewellery maker, I took AGES trying to put these rings on, but that may well have been because of trying to use the wrong tool.

The suggestion is to display photos on them, which I did consider, but thought I'd make the most of the fact that they were transparent so would look nice as a window decoration.   Which lead me onto rubber stamping...  I'd got the bird stamps free with 'Craft Stamper' magazine a while ago and had never used them, so here was my chance.  I added some Clear Impressions Love stamps to go with them and my favourite, some swirly flourishes. I used Stazon ink as it stamps quite well onto plastic.

To put them on the window I have got some rubber sucker hooks which are great for lightweight materials.  I first spotted them in shop window displays around Christmas, they were used to stick baubles onto the windows.  I was rather pleased when I noticed my local docrafts shop stocking them and so now I can stick all manner of things (lightweight) on to my windows!:

You could also hang these up or simply pin them to a wall or noticeboard - and change the colour of the background if you wish.  Or maybe  you could give one -or all of them- to someone else as a gift in a nice box.


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