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Friday, 22 January 2010

A Late Desktop Calendar

Today's project, which I have only had chance to make a start on, is a desktop calendar.

I didn't make it completely from scratch, I managed to get what was called a 'Helix Revision Planner & Exam Timetable' in the Ryman's sale recently for 49p rather than £1.99.   It's useful because its already got the 'standy up' mechanism on the back and it was spiral bound (it also came in a zipped plastic case with a wipe on wipe off pen):

As I said, I've only started this, I've done the title page and the first page featuring January and February. I'm recovering all the pages in paper I got from a children's scrapbooking set in Ikea.  For the lettering, I've used different typesizes of  alphabetical grungeboard as a template onto plain white paper.  Grungeboard itself is a flexible cardboard, which is very strong smelling, it smells like the inside of a pet shop!  I've handrawn faux stitching around each letter and around the whole page which has given it a 'material look.':

I added my 3d glitter snowflake stickers and some heart confetti, stuck on with glue dots.

Detailed photos:


Helen said...

This sounds intriging - I am desperate to see it!!

qwiksave said...

Hi Helen, Sorry I take such a while to put the pics on, I do like to take them in daylight. Then I have to put them on the computer, sometimes adjust them using Picnik jiggery pockery, then upload to Photobucket, and eventually here. It's very time consuming! Luckily my kids are happy to play onn their XBox while I do all this! qwiksave

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