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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Starstruck scrapbooking page

First of all, I think I should show you the card that Ryan made using the fingerprint idea we were doing yesterday:

Older children should do their own thank you cards really, however tempting it is for us crafty mums to take over! lol  (Don't mention the one I did a few days ago!)

Moving swiftly on....

Today I made a mini-scrapbook page for framing.  I picked up a cheap square frame in a charity shop that said it was for putting a 7" single record (remember them??) on display.  I tried putting a single in ('Two Little Boys' - and I was going to put pictures round the side of my 'two little boys' but the frame was too small!)  so I thought I'd  make a display scrapbooking page instead.  I've never done a display one before but that didn't stop me! 

As my boy Ryan was going to bed tonight he looked out the window and called to me to take a photo of the 'Orion' star constellation which was really clear in the sky tonight.  This is what gave me the idea to make this page about him, Ryan that is, being 10.  He loves science, astronomy and making homemade potions in test tubes so I had a good theme to work on. 

It was simply a matter of finding a nice photo of him, rummaging through the bits and bobs of my crafting stash and a good children's science book (Usborne's) and the page was made!:

If only all scrapbooking pages were this easy!...

PS.  Oh yeah, I also did this too in Picnik! :-)

Think I'll print it out and put sparkly gems on it, maybe make it into an avatar...?


Carmen said...

The card turned out brilliantly :o) I agree that kids should make their own cards, even at toddler age they can do handprints etc. (Of course I'm only saying this because I really struggle with cards! *g*)

Your qwiksave picture would look gorgeous as an avatar or blog header.

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