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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Fingerprint fun

Some days it is difficult to fit in a craft activity, when you are flitting about here, there and everywhere.  My husband is working away in China at the moment so I am spending all the daylight hours with the boys - apart from when they are at school, of course. 

It means that the craft activity I did today was done with the boys, a thank you card for a birthday present. 

The present, which looks exciting but is not opened yet was this:

A 'Forensic Science Kit' - cool, eh?

So, to thank my sister, the boy's aunt, that sent this present I thought we should send an appropriate thank you card back.  So far, we have only had chance to practice what we are going to do but had great fun in the process - making fingerprint people using just our (coloured ink) fingerprints and a fine black ink pen

(My drawings)

(Ryan's drawings)

A good idea huh?  (Whenever possible) match your thank you card to the present received.


Carmen said...

This tickled me - can't wait to see what the finished card looks like!

Btw - just noticed your side bar, I'm an MSE addict too and following a few of the challenges over there. I'm whoopidoo! *waves*

qwiksave said...

Hi there Carmen/Whoopidoo, thanks for joining me, we have quite a few of us MSE'rs here too! Hello to everyone, hope you are enjoying creating as much as I am! qwiksave (Nicky)

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