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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sequins, Sticky Dots & Bling!

I have been continuing on with the calendar I started yesterday.  I've done a March & April page and a May & June page today.

The March and April page I separated into two colours, grey and yellow.   I had a vague idea to put Easter embellishments on the April side and did for a while, but then hurredly took them off - they looked really naff!  After all, this calendar isn't intended for the kids, its for me (and maybe my husband!) so no rabbits allowed!

I kept to the same layout as the previous months with fake stitching and paper letters and for this one embellished it with lots of sparkly sequins.  I have to say how I appreciated the sticking power of my roll of sticky dots, all the sequins stuck on with no problems.  It really sparkles, hope you can see that in the photos:

The March side I kept to blue and silver sequins, which 'spilled over' into the gap between March and April

...and for April I kept to golds and orange sequins, very lush!

For May and June I went the flowery route.  I'm not a flowery prerson normally but I did want this calendar to at least reflect the seasons.

Initially I just had the felt and button flowers but there was something missing in the gaps.  So out came my massive box of sequins of every description that I impulse bought from QVC a while back.  It gave the page a lift & shine in a way that only bling can.

Loved the mixture of typefaces!

Think I know what tomorrow's task will be! 


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