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Monday, 11 January 2010

Happy Birthday Banners

Today I'm exhausted!  I was up until the early hours of this morning preparing for my elder son's 10th birthday, and  a good part of it was spent making these enormous banners! 

And thats what today's craft is in case you were wondering, great BIG banners! 

I made this one to go above the sofa:

and this one went above the fireplace:

To make these I simply drew the letters with a thick Sharpie marker pen (they really are good!)  freehand onto lots of different coloured papers, cut them out and  then stuck them onto the banner paper. (These  white paper banners were from our local 99p shop).  To get each letter the right size I measured it up against the ones I'd already done. 

For my son's birthday he said that he wanted money towards an expensive Lego Star Wars model  but because the weather has been so awful  recently I haven't ventured out as far as a cashpoint.  So what did I find myself doing in the middle of the night last night?  I was forging money on my home printer!!  I found an image of a £10 note on the internet and duplicated it lots of times.  I felt like a right criminal cutting up all the individual notes on my pink crafting guillotine!  It worked a treat though and gave him something to hold in his hand other than an IOU! lol (there's no back on them so there's no danger of him trying to spend them!):

Ryan and the forged tenners

For his birthday tea his grandparents came and treated us to a meal at Pizza Hut!

Here he is with his Pizza Hut balloons:

(Picture modified using Picnik)

Happy Birthday Ryan


mrs.downing said...

I love your blog & totally am on the same page with the purpose! Can't wait to see all of your projects!!

qwiksave said...

Thank you mrs.downing and welcome to my blog. I never know what my next project is until the day! lol, maybe I need to do some forward planning! qwiksave

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