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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Robot Card

Remind me NEVER EVER to buy another envelope ever in my life again!  Think it could be something to do with the stationary obsession (!) but when I was in the attic I found a box with what looked like some envelopes in - I brought it down and found it was stuffed to the brim with what seems to be every size of envelope ever invented!  I am completely sorted to make LOADS of cards for every occasion this year, even the ones I don't normally do, like Easter. People that I hardly know will be getting homemade cards from me this year! lol. 

I made a robot card today out of the Tesco home shopping catalogue!  I used pictures of pots & pans for the head and body, a stereo deck for the eyes and nose, electric knives for the arms and shower attachments for the legs. I stamped the background with a gears stamp:

It's for a young boy relative who will be 8 at the end of the month.  I made this one a few months ago :

(On this one I used real buttons and a nut for the eyes, a staple for the mouth and paperclip springs for the arms).

Now, which envelope shall I use..?


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