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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Duvet Diary and Bookmarks

For todays project I recovered a new diary and made some bookmarks using the cover of my duvet!:

Not literally, lol! I photographed the duvet with all its interesting creases and crumples and uploaded the resulting image into an online photo editing program. I do recommend this program (called Picnik) as it is excellent for being creative with your photos and a good deal of it is free too. Using the 'Boost' control really helped bring out the beige and blue colours in the duvet. I then added the date (2010) using a Picnik fancy font, printed it out onto A4 plain paper and stuck it onto the diary.

This is a photo of the duvet (bought from Next a LONG time ago!) before:

The diary I used did have a nice image on it before I changed it - if you are a gardener that is! (and if you want one they are still available at the time of writing on a site called thelittledog) but I really like the decorative style of calligraphic script which is why I changed mine.

I then made the matching bookmarks out of the offcuts using a laminator, hole punch (Big Bite)and decorative ribbon.

All I need now is a fancy fountain pen and I'm all set up!


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