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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Stamping Hints & Tips

I have many crafting books and one of them I was looking at recently gave me some different ideas that I hadn't thought of for rubber stamping. Here are some of the ideas for all you stampers out there!:

* Stamp butterfly, heart and animal stamps onto patterned paper and cut out (Great if you're not so good at colouring in!):

* Stamp onto buttons with small image stamps. I had a go at this today with these clock and star designs:

(These could be used as embellishments maybe with some ribbon for scrapbooking)

* You can stamp onto fabrics (use PVA glue to stop fraying) or Felt to put your images on cards.

* Another one I tried today, enlarging your stamped images using your scanner and computer:

(Image came from a 'Inkadinkado' birthday stamp set)

It is my older son's 10th birthday on Monday (WOW!) and we have a family tradition of putting posters all around the house of the birthday boy or girl. Some of the posters have pictures of the birthday person when they were younger and some are just general 'Happy Birthday' posters like this.

I will need to do some more birthday preparations tomorrow, hope the weather improves!

This picture is of my boys sledging yesterday (bringing a bit of colour to their cheeks!)


Helen said...

I have just found you via a comment you left on my blog. WOW! I love your ideas.

I have a photo bag lingering in my craft cupboard. I got it off e-bay but was disappointed that there were marks that couldn't be removed on the windows - but after seeing what you have done with yours I am going to get it out again and do something with it.

I also LOVE your important dates coaster.

I have added you to my blog list of places I like to visit.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

qwiksave said...

Thanks Helen for your kind comments. I had the photo bag lingering in the attic wondering what type of photos to put in it and this idea came to me. Wonder what it'll look like wearing the tshirt and carrying the matching bag??

I hadn't gone live (publicing it on mse) with my blog (too embarassed) but planned to at some point. Thanks for putting it on your blog list, I do want followers really!

Bear in mind I keep editing and rediting my posts so what you see may not be the most current version! lol qs

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