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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Aaah, It's Valentines Day...soon!

I've decided that I waffle too much on these posts, nobody has said anything (thankfully!) but I think I can guess what you're thinking!

So, from now on I'll do less chat (hooray!) and more of  showing you what I've made.

Today was another card, it a Valentine's Day card:

For this I've used a beautiful glittered heart ribbon that was from Ikea, (a while ago), red corrugated paper  and a little torn mulberry paper for the sides. I also used some plain and patterned paper and the cutout heart was done using a heart template.

Detailed photos: 

Also on the romantic theme, I  made this card recently for my brother-in-law for his 1sr Anniversary

using a large rubber stamp, 2 clear stamps and red chalk


Paula Gale said...

i love this card - p.s I don't think that yo waffle too much I think it helps us get to know our fellow crafters a bit better.

Paula xx xx

qwiksave said...

Hi Paula, Thanks for saying my waffling is OK, maybe I could do some... qwiksave

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