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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Victorian Times

I found out one of the limitations of posting a crafty activity every day,and that is there is not much room for error.  When I was putting today's post together, which took a fair amount of preparation, I realised that the glue I used wasn't necessarily the best for the job.  You'll see what I mean...

Today's activity was a small (5x7") framed victorian silhouette picture of my children:

For this activity I was inspired by some Victorian pictures that my children had done at a Salt Museum a while ago and which take pride of place on our mantlepiece:

They really took their role (of not smiling) seriously!

Our family house is Victorian so I thought it would be nice to have some pictures done in the style of days gone by to compliment the others.

When I was in our brand new Paperchase shop recently I spotted some lovely olde mirror frames on some wrapping paper, and they were in the sale too!  They also had some baroque style tissue paper which is what I used for the background.

I took pictures of the boys today against a bright window (it was brighter than usual because of the snow) sideways on and then used my photo editing program to darken them completely.

I cut the printed images out and stuck them down onto the shiny mirrored frames.  The frames were stuck onto the tissue paper and the tissue paper onto card.  When I had done that it made it all too dark so I used one of my favourite stamps (a swirl!) and some white stazon ink and 'framed' the frames.  The reason I had a problem was the glue I used, PVA, made everything a little lumpy, I should have used a 'flatter finish' glue.

I also could do with a silver coloured ornate frame rather than a gold, so I may do this project again some day and correct these minor errors.  Still pleased with the general result though and I'm sure the children's grandparents will love it!


Carmen said...

I am so definitely going to have to pinch this idea (if that's ok) This is gorgeous!

A good glue for tissuey type paper is decopatch glue. I use it when I use paper napkins, mainly on my altered duckies. Dries completely flat :)

(Leaving now I promise.)

qwiksave said...

Thanks for that tip about the glue, Carmen, I'll try that next time.

Feel free to pinch the ideas, share and share alike!


(You don't have to leave, stick around and look at my other posts! :-) )

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