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Friday, 8 January 2010

My new clothes collection!

Snow and ice on the ground has been causing havoc on the roads and pavements the last few days, even the schools were closed for 2 days. But today my boys went back (reluctantly!) so I was finally able to hit the January Sales in town! A lovely children's designer clothes shop is closing down so I made the most! I got both Winter and Summer hats for £3 each rather than nearly £40!! plus some lovely clothes - which inspired today's crafty project: A Photo Shopping Bag!:

I spent quite a while taking lots of close up photos of the clothes I got today and of the most arty clothes I possess (the flowery tshirt I used is a sale one from River Island) and then simply played about with them (altering contrast, boosting, etc) on that wonderful site I mentioned the other day, Picnik. I then simply printed them out and put them in the slots of this bag I bought in Ireland a couple of years ago. You could probably get photo bags like this on the net, maybe on ebay?

I took loads of pictures and had to narrow them down to just 5 but I have the option to change them around when I fancy a change!

Here's some of the other photos:


Helen said...

I have one of these bags!!! I got it off e-bay but unfortunatley it wasn't such a bargain as the clear windows are a bit marked and it's put me off doing anything with ..... hmmmmm perhaps I'll have another look at it ....

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