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Monday, 18 January 2010

To Do Today Lists

Ever since I was very little I have had a love affair with stationery!  Maybe I shouldn't be confessing this in such a public place, but  there was nothing I used to love more than popping into office supply shops when on shopping expeditions with my mother.  (I should point out children's clothes weren't the great big fashion items they are now, but then you'll start guessing at my age now! lol )  Before I get into a bigger hole than I am already I'll get to the point of today's craft.

When I worked in an office I used to be in charge of ordering the stationery (swoon!) and one day decided to order a packet of 6x 'Things to Do' Post-It-Notes for myself (I paid for them, honest!) Anyway, when they came they were something like 6 packets of 6!  With LOADS of pages in each so now, about 10 years later, I'm still working my way through them!  (OK, they got forgotten and put in the attic because the design was a little, lets say dull):

So, today I came across them and thought we could do with some 'Things to Do' notes, lets see if I can jazz them up a bit.  I have to say I did ALL the modifications on wonderful Picnik (see previous posts) including all the doodles, but by my reckoning computer stuff can still count as 'Craft' (loosely!).

I made this one for each of my boys (changed the name obviously):

....and this rather whacky one for myself:

I will print them out on A5 or A4 and laminate them, so that definately counts as a craft - and as you can see my first priority is to Craft and Blog, never mind the ironing, the washing up or the vacuuming, as long as the crafting and blogging is done!


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