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Tuesday 17 August 2010

New Waste Bin!

Now, there's a surprising blog title! And yes, I have got a new waste bin to show you that I got for my craft room - isn't it lovely?:

Look closer! (ignore the mess in the garden if you can!) It's got a metal framework with twigs all around it like a big bird's nest and those coloured dots?  They are buttons!  How sumptious is that? 

It's got a handle on it too!
Love it! (Well, as much as anyone can love a bin! lol) and no, I didn't make it, but I did get it today in a half price sale.  It's like a work of art it is, not just somewhere to put your discarded thingamabobs and whatnots...

Moving on.... and my craft today was again inspired by something around my house.  It was a skirt.  It's not actually one I've ever worn (its a bit small) but I've intended to one day.  At the moment I've got it pinned to my noticeboard as artistic inspiration (this is a detail):
I love the way the letters create other shapes where they overlap.
Another detail:
So this inspired me to do my own lettering picture:
..using stencils of different sizes.
I then put the photo of it into a different free photo-editing program called paint.net (which was recommended by Webuser magazine) and added this embossing effect:
(The colour was changed using Picnik).  
I really like the way it has created depth. 

What have you got around your house that you could use to inspire your crafting? 

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Ohhhh is it possible to have bin envy? If so I've got it BAD! That's gorgeous!

Kandi said...

Same here, a birdnest button bin, wonderful!
Kandi x

furrypig said...

very cute bird nest button bin! Don't put anything too messy in there will you ie no glue! lol xxx

Nicky Stevenson said...

This is going to be strictly a Paper Bin!

'Bin Envy'(!) that's funny, never heard of that one.


PepPop said...

Mmm Never thought I'd ever say this but "I love your bin".

Your skirt lettering is great, what about doing the same technique with your spirograph?

Jaqui x

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