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Saturday 14 August 2010

Summer Holiday Special - Part 1

Have you got young children at home in the school holidays wondering what to do?  In 2005 when my children were aged just 3 and 5 I spent the holiday doing various different activites with them.  In these few posts I plan to show you some of those activities with photos and descriptions so you can get some ideas from them if you like.  They require very little equipment, most of which you will probably have at home already. 

Lets start:
This first activity is a Puppet Show!  These were at my local SureStart play centre but you can of course make simple puppets out of household items, wooden spoons, cardboard tubes, socks....

The next activity we move onto is:
Playdough! Getting them/Helping them to write their name is a useful skill for smaller ones, and at this age they like seeing their name in any form!  You can make your own playdough, but its not expensive to buy either.  My boy of 10 sometimes loves to play with it even now.
The next activity - drawing around themselves and colouring them in.
I drew around them and they did the colouring!  They liked having a lifesize model of themselves.
They make extra big puppets!
(Incidently, my boys LIVE in their underpants all year round!)

Next activity - cleaning 1p and 2p coins with vinegar!
You use an old toothbrush (and supervision!) and they clean up great!
This concludes Part 1 of the Summer Holiday Activity Special - look out for Part 2.

Hope you find this useful,


K said...

haha, you lucky thing, Kai prefers to live naked all year round!

Nicky Stevenson said...

He, he. They hide behind the sofa when the doorbell rings though. Even when its male visitors they still get shy and won't come out. I have to pass them clothes to be sociable! x

Kandi said...

Oh that made me smile, my boys live in undies and pj bottoms and when the doorbell rings they scatter! When we ewre kids my grandad used to give me old coins and tomato sauce to clean them up, I was there for hours doing that I loved it!
Kandi x

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