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Friday 13 August 2010


You may remember from a previous post (here) our family like to dress up.  We have quite a large selection of silly wigs which we can wear to change ourselves into all sorts of weird and wonderful characters.  Well tonight I decided to have a play just with a couple of photos and some wool scraps:

The other week my mother-in-law said to me, "When I go in charity shops I often see bits and pieces of crafty things. Would you like me to look out for some for you?" Whilst my husband was rapidly shaking his head, trying desperately to stop yet more stuff coming into the house, I politely accepted her kind offer, lol.  Today I was given this bag by my father-in-law and it contained 4 different types of eyelash wool and a crochet hook.  Don't know what my mil thought I was going to do with the crochet hook (!) but this is what I did with the wool!...

It's really quiet in the house again today, my boys have gone to stop with their grandparents for a whole week!  My husband has gone with them just for the weekend but he is going back to work in China (he's a Design Engineer by the way) on Monday.  What am I going to do with all this free time?...

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K said...

Oh bless, she wants you to start crocheting!

Fab idea with the hair on the photos, think I may print out some photos of the family for the kids to do this, I'm sure they'd find it hilarious (Or should that be hairylarious!)

Nicky Stevenson said...

Groan K! (hairylarious)

Don't think I'll be crocheting any time soon, I find it difficult tying my own shoe laces! lol.

As this photo hair activity is one children would probably like to do in the hols, I have put it on your blog using your Mr Linky. Hope that is OK. x

Carmen said...

How fun! I may get my lot doing this - I think Devvie in particular has the post holiday blues.

I'm such a horrid person, I'm thinking what bliss an empty house sounds at the mo. Though a whole week might be a wee bit to much. Just want to go lay down and rest my neck but to much to do ;)

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