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Thursday 20 October 2011

Not for the squeamish- Snail Painting!

I spotted this activity on an american blog called Filth Wizardry and thought my boys would love doing this!  Well, one boy did but the other one was bored. I think the snails moved a bit too slowly to keep his interest.

The snails didn't seem to mind taking part in the activity, they didn't even retreat back into their shells when we changed their food colouring colour, lol.  We also gave them a bath of clean water before putting them back where we found them.
Another activity I we did was for the younger boy's primary school.  We were asked to bring in a repurposed pot with a winter plant in for the school garden.  Not knowing much about plants I 'cheated' and made a pretend lollipop tree:
(Ignore the unkempt lawn grass on the bottom!)
The 'lollipops' are coloured table tennis balls stuck onto balloon sticks.  I painted the ping pong balls with clear nail varnish to give them shine. The pot was found put out for rubbish by our local corner shop.

Finally, another shoe picture, fancy these?:
Available in my local River Island!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Oh wow - I love the snail painting :D How cool is that?

And a lollipop tree? Seriously? Best tree ever! Apart from a money tree!

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