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Tuesday 9 June 2015

My UK TV Likes & Dislikes Collages

Hello again, it's been a little while since I shared my last 'Now' Craft but here I am with the next - Collage.  It took me a while to get round to doing this craft because I wasn't sure what theme to use to make my collage.  I eventually made myself start by remembering the series of notebooks that I started a while ago.

The first was this one on the theme of slimming and this was the front of the book:
(Paperchase gridded paper notebook with Paperchase stickers and washi tape decoration.  Paper Smooches die cut letters for the title)

I really went to town on this but I didn't take the theme seriously.  While I was creating the collage I was munching my way through a packet of crisps!
(Magazine pictures with various circular stamps added)

(For previous pages of this book see this link).

Then I found two other notebooks that I had previously made a start on.

This one was on the theme of things that make me happy:
In here I decided to do a double page spread of TV programmes that I currently like watching:
 (OK, don't judge, but I actually like watching antique shows! Who knew?...) 

And in this book of things that annoy me....
I made a collage of TV Personalities that really get on my wick.
Oooh! Just looking at this completed page makes me want to shut it again quick!  These people to my mind are just SOOOO annoying!

So, that was the 'Now' Collage project done, on to the next and I see it is Acrylic Painting.  Not quite sure at this stage what form that will take but quite looking forward to the challenge.

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