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(Picture taken from an Oprah book of the same name)

As this part of my life isn't strictly crafting, I thought I'd give it its own page.   [Note: This page has been updated/edited June 2014 - I have now completely removed the section about outdated dieting books].

The story:  At the start of January 2012 I decided to lose a few pounds for a friend's 40th birthday party and by calorie counting, I succeeded. See picture here:

But, as with most people who go on diets, once I went back to 'normal' eating  (what I was eating before) I put most of the weight back on...  which is why, at this point in time (June 2014) I am eating healthily again and hoping that, once I get back down to a reasonable size, that I will keep it off this time. 

One of the things I did last time was to make a scrapbook/smash-type notebook that contained images from adverts and magazines.  Around and on top of the stuck down images I used rubber/clear stamps to fill in the white space.

The pages above were the ones that I made previously (2012) and these (below) are ones that I have made recently and added to the same book:

I have enjoyed making the pages and it is a fun way to keep me motivated. Looking through it is also a great way of helping me to stay on the straight and narrow!



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