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Thursday 5 August 2010

Playmobil Fun Park

Hello from a very rainy Germany! :-(  Never mind, we are making the most of it.  For two days running we have taken our two boys to here:
It is an absolutely fantastic place, the best theme park my boys and I have ever been to, and that includes Disneyland in Hong Kong. This place has so much to offer, little boys in particular, but its not a 'ride' theme park, its a 'play and explore' type, which is my favourite kind too.  I'm not one for fast rides twirling upside down and making myself feel sick, give me a genteel game of mini-golf any day.

My only gripe of this place was that all the signs and the announcements over the loud speakers were all in German only.  Surely they must get some International visitors? 

That aside, they had a fab indoor area. It was divided into an enormous eating and drinking area and an absolutely fantastic free Playmobil playground section where children (of all ages!) could play with Playmobil toys of every description  (The children here were so good too, no fighting or anything, *sigh*).
A giant two storey Playmobil house and 'circus' tent full of themed toys
with a staircase and fun figures.
A Castle
...complete with scary red dragon (and lots of toys to play with)
(These pictures were taken yesterday when it was sunnier, there were loads more people there than today)
..and a friendly viking (with my younger son)
The 'girls' had a pretty pink castle, complete with dolls houses (no stereotyping then!):
There were also lots of free family type of magazines for the adults to read whilst they waited for junior (I've got some to cut up for crafting!)

Tomorrow (hopefully), I´ll show you the fabulous stuff that was outside. It all was really impressive.

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves,


K said...

I soooooo want some of those large play mobil toys!! I'd happily take the dragon, I loved playmobil as a child.

Carmen said...

I agree with K the 'boy' castle looks MUCH more fun. The dragone is fabulous!

PepPop said...

I think I'd have been joining in - that looks brilliant fun. Dragons and castles all round then :) Jaqui x

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