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Sunday 29 August 2010

Bank Holiday Sun?

What's the weather like for this Bank Holiday? We have been having lots and lots of rain where I am in the UK recently and it has made it difficult to make plans of things to do and where to go.  We are hoping to go to a Farm/Craft Village (yay!) today (Monday) called Hatton Country World (near Warwick) and would like some decent weather for a change. 
* * *
Today we had a mixture of sunshine and showers again but while the sun was around we managed to get outside and do a family craft:
It was spinning paint on a Lazy Susan (which cost £1.25 from a charity shop)
You need paint, paper, a lazy susan and a willing helper - in protective clothing!
This was a learning process for us having never tried this before, on our first attempt the paint was too thick:
Oops! We also discovered  you need a bigger piece of paper:
A MUCH bigger piece of paper! All the good effect ended up on the newspaper!
We sellotaped a bigger piece to the bottom of the Lazy Susan:
Here's a shot of it twirling...
and how it looked finished. Not sure I was that keen on the finished results but I will keep them to use as background papers for my art journalling etc:

See you tomorrow,
Thanks for reading and any comments you may leave.
Have a great Bank Holiday (whatever the weather!)


Kandi said...

Oh Nicky you are brave, that looks like lots of messy fun. Looks like all is well with you lot, I'm a bit sad the holidays are coming to an end for the boys though. We had sunshine here today the first time in ages it seems.
Kandi x

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