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Thursday 26 August 2010

Everything is Beautiful

I'm back to doing some new techniques in my altered book/journal today and this is what I've done tonight:

(The lettering isn't there on the pages yet, I've done a mock up using Picnik whilst waiting for the paint to dry).

To do this technique which I found on a youtube video, I first of all scribbled (that was fun!) using watercolour crayons onto the page (I'm getting braver, I did this technique DIRECTLY into the journal! :-O)
That packet of FAB watercolour crayons had cost me £1.75 from a charity shop a while back.  I'd never used them because I hadn't thought of anything to use them for!

You then wash over the colours with water, blending as you go...
..and the interesting bit, splashing it with Rubbing Alcohol.  Gives a cool resist effect.
I'm thinking I may add some rubber stamps on to the page too and maybe some cut out images.  I will assess it when its fully dry....

(Remember the pages have previously been gessoed which is why they could handle the water colour painting).
* * * * *
I took my boys into town today - I hate doing this as they hate shopping - but at first it was OK because I'd got them those I-Spy Books I spoke about in my Summer Special:
...which kept them amused for a bit...
But botherations, rain stopped play!

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Carmen said...

What an amazing bargain those crayons were! My Mum bought mine as a birthday present about 4/5 years ago (I cherish them now she is no longer here) and they were about £14/£15 THEN. Mine are the Lyra Aquacolour.

Your pages are looking fab and I love the spinny ones you did in the post above - though Craig would have a fit if I tried that... new paint effect for the walls dear? :P

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