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Sunday 15 August 2010

Summer Holiday Special - Part 10

This is the last part of my Summer Holiday Activity Series. (If you haven't already, please check out the other Parts 1-9).  I hope you've enjoyed looking at these as much as I have making them.  Whilst doing this I have found it interesting to see just how different my children look in the 5 years that have passed since these pictures were taken.  It's very hard to imagine the next 5 years....and the next!

This was a fun creative activity, making an aeroplane and a car out of a banana, wafers, sweets and whipped cream:
Here is my son proudly picking it up so I can take a photo:
OOps! Crash Landing!
..and this is the car we also made:
No accident this time!

Towards the end of the holiday we picked some local blackberries:

(Another activity to try, fruit picking, it's fun!)
* * * * *

I didn't get to show you everything we have done (this series would be ENORMOUS!) but we also went on day trips to various places and we had a week at the Seaside, Tenby in Wales, where I used to go as a child.
Here we all are with our beach creation
Enjoy the rest of your Summer Holiday,
and I'll be back with regular crafting soon,


Uma said...

fantastic puddings, great idea

PepPop said...

Mmm bananas and ice cream, you're making me hungry! Jaqui x

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