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Thursday 12 August 2010

Back to Germany

I haven't quite finished showing you all my holiday photos yet.  Hope you don't mind me showing you this mosaic that I made of some of the other things we saw and did during our last week's stay in Germany:

(Click mosaic to enlarge)

It's the first time I have used the free mosaic builder at BigHugeLabs.com and I have to say it was very easy.  The only problem I find with these mosaics is because they use square format they can cut off parts of your photos that you don't want them to - for example the giant teddy's head on photo 25.  I still like the idea of a compilation mosaic though, as they are great for putting a themed collection together.

Today I also finished off that picture that I started the other day, the Radiohead video inspired one.  I added some blue & white soft pastel over the newspaper type:
.and I ironed both of the robots that I had downloaded a while back (see this previous post) onto my son's t-shirt (this is just one of them, my son is wearing the other)
...and here's proof that my younger son was happy to wear a couple of the badges that I made yesterday :-) :
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