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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Guten Tag! Hello from Germany

Well, we made it yesterday, after first flying to Zurich, Switzerland. We had to change aeroplanes there to get to where we are now which is Nuremberg, Germany.

This is called ‘The Beautiful Fountain’ and it is situated in the Market Square here in Nuremberg. I’ve just been reading in the Guide Book that there is a gold ring detail on it that you are meant to turn to give you good luck and a ‘horde’ of children! (I think 2 are enough, thanks!)

The weather isn’t all that great here, it keeps changing from bright sun to rain showers. It looked nice and sunny when we left. How is it where you are?

There is also some interesting architecture in this City. Here are some examples:

…and some unusual architectural details:

Even the car park we went in had an interesting modern style:

This is our two enjoying the Car Park Wall ‘Circles.’

There are also some great cafes – but the tea is too flavoured for my taste, I like and miss my PG Tips!

A café near our hotel.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my account so far. I plan to be back on soon.

Auf Wiedersehen,


Marg said...

Thank you for showing us those lovely buildings, they put us to shame don't they? It's sunshine & showers here in Lancashire so you're perhaps not missing much. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

PepPop said...

Guten aben. Ok I'll stop embarassing myself trying to remember high school German ;) I hope you're having a fantastic time and don't worry it's done nothing but rain here. I love the architecture - think I'll be adding this to my holiday wish list. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Jaqui x

Kandi said...

It's great you are blogging from Germany, I'm off to the Lake District later this week and I doubt I will manage any blogging from there! Hope you are having a great time and the boys are happy and well.
Kandi x

Carmen said...

Wow. It all looks so clean! Look at that carpark! Wow!

Bit of a mishmash here in Kent. Grey and overcast this morning with a lovely breeze. Boiling hot by mid afternoon and then pitch black with thunder and lightning by 4pm.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi All, Thanks for the weather reports, I do feel better now! ;-)

I am able to get on the hotel internet sometimes so can do this blog, yay!

Everybody here speaks german though, no catering for tourists! We got ourselves a translator book so we could read the menus!

Enjoy your holiday Kandi, hope you get good weather.

qwiksave xx

Anonymous said...
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