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Saturday 21 August 2010

Charity Shop Shopping Post

The craft I did tonight didn't work (technically) so I wasn't going to put on a post today at all but changed my mind and have made this into a 'Recent Shopping' post instead.  I haven't had one for a while so I think I'm due.

So, what did I get then?

First up we have these:
and these:
Aren't they lovely? Frosted letter glasses. I love calligraphy and lettering so they are right up my street. Not sure whether to use them to put my crafty pens & pencils in them, (but knowing what a clumsy whotsit I am, maybe not!)  I might just leave them on display, well away from where I can reach...

Still on the glasses theme, I got some Christmas Baubles!:

They are clear glass ones for me to do crafty things with - last year I remember looking everywhere for this type and couldn't find any, so I was pleased to find these in a local charity shop.  There are lots of crafty things you can do with these, apparently...

Next up, another charity shop find, a 12x12 frame, very useful for displaying scrapbooking pages...
..and yet another charity shop find, a travel log book, just 99p!:

I've already started to loosely put my Germany souvenirs in it:
and finally, a long reach stapler for the bargain price of £3:
Great price, considering they are normally around £20! 

Thanks for stopping by,
See you tomorrow for a regular crafting post,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Lucky you finding those baubles - I searched high and low last year for the glass ones too! Look forward to seeing what you do with them. x

PepPop said...

Great buys.

Last year I got some glass baubles and turned them into place names for our Christmas Dinner, I filled them with sparkly ribbons and put them in my wine glasses. I'm sure you'll come up with something better... Jaqui x

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