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Friday 6 August 2010

Gotta take a photo or ten!

We have had heavy rain all day again today. Can hardly believe its August!  This picture was taken from the window of where we went today, a Toy Museum in Nuremberg:

Before I show you the Playmobil Fun Park from the past two days, I thought some of you might like to see this 'Illusion Barbie' that was in the Museum:
What a great outfit and hair!...and is that a mask? ;-)
I was telling you yesterday how great Playmobil Fun Park is and here are some (loads!) of pics to show you why.

We have a quarry:
..with moveable gizmos for quarrying the soft 'stone' balls up and down.
Plus a Supervisor:
A fabulous gigantic Pirate Ship (like the one my son has in toy size)
...for climbing all over - and posing near the figurehead:
Great big Playmobil dinosaurs:
..and smaller ones too:
Loads of water discovery areas:
So make sure you bring wet clothes and a towel:
There is also a castle:
..with an optional way of getting in:
..and out:
and a Go Cart racing area:
Not to mention Mini Golf ;-)
(I won, yay!)
Plus a post box - we sent out postcards from here:
And thats not all...(!) but Goodbye to Playmobil Fun Park, my little boys' 'Paradise on Earth'.

qwiksave x

PS - I did get a little craft shopping done today, they've got some fabulous stationery shops here in Germany (drool!)


Kandi said...

Oh that Playmobil place looks like a lot of fun! We are having lots of rain here too. I am on holiday and supposed to be checking the weather forecast on the laptop(blooming rain!!) but just had to check up on you all.
Kandi x

Julie (elysia2003) said...

So sorry it's raining again, but it looks like it hasn't spoiled your holiday too much. :o)

Your photos are lovely. Take care xxx

PepPop said...

Ooh can't wait to see what you bought. Love the pics - the boys seem to have had a great time, no wonder that park looks brilliant. Special mention for barbie - I was a never a fan but wow that doll is fantastic. Jaqui x

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