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Tuesday 10 August 2010

Printmaking Radiohead Style

We are back!  We had a reasonably straightforward journey back by plane from Nuremberg, but this time we had to make a first stop in Dusseldorf rather than Switzerland.

I've been desperate to get back to crafting again, and judging by my viewing figures in the last week of this blog you want me to as well!  I guess not everyone is interested in Playmobil land...  Although I do know quite a few of my regulars are away on holiday this week.

Soon after I woke up and had unpacked, I had to see what the local charity shops had to offer (as you do, lol)  and found a few things, the first of which was a video called "Television Commercials" by Radiohead.  I wasn't interested in the music (sorry, if you are), I just liked the cover and was inspired to do my own version:
I was planning to use my spray spritzers but couldn't find them so ended up using a sponge topped shoe polish.

This was the video that inspired the work:
The figures I have stencilled onto a german newspaper.  I also used bubble wrap to hide some of the writing and for texture.  Its just an experiment in printmaking really, freeing some of that bottled-up desire to craft I've had over the last week, lol.  I still quite fancy doing that 'rubbed out' effect on the background of mine and may well do that next.

Bubblewrap incidently, in German is actually called this:
(Glad it was just on the shelf and I didn't have to ask for it!)
(We bought some to wrap my son's Playmobil models in to bring them back on the plane).

I also bought this today:
Who remembers this? (Keep quiet if you do!)  It was from an advert 20 years ago!   I bought it with the intention of recovering the wooden notebook holder but I'm definately going to keep hold of this fabulous retro notebook.

Lastly, I bought this set for 99p:
It's a fancy new name for Spirograph!   As you can see in the background I've been playing with it too.

Thanks for reading, please don't forget to comment ocasionally,
See you tomorrow,


Anonymous said...
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Uma said...

very creative :o)

Kandi said...

Oh dear I remember that advert!! I can't believe how old I am sometimes. Its great to go on holiday abut it's fab to come home too. I have been nipping into the odd charity shop on my hols but I am looking forward to scouring my usual haunts when I get home. Love your printmaking.
Kandi x

PepPop said...

OK I confess - I remember the ad too. What a confusing name for Spyrograph - poor kiddiewinks having to ask for that one - can you imagine trying to write that on a letter to Santa!! Jaqui x

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