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Saturday 7 August 2010

Museum and Shopping

(Apologies for this blog being all about our family holiday at the moment, normal crafting service will resume shortly...)

At last! A lovely sunny day here in Germany.
Taken today! Look at that blue sky! :-)

Today we went to another child's fun park called Tucherland which was an Indoor Play Centre.  It also had a small lake and man-made beach outside.

We weren't allowed to take photos of the main exhibition at the Toy Museum yesterday but there were stunning exhibits.  Really old teddy bears, dolls and doll's houses as well as some superbly crafted wooden toys.  I did, however, take this one in the case of toys from the 1970s:
and this one from 1945:
..which weren't part of the main exhibition.

Afterwards, we went to the local shopping mall. 
Here are all my boys:
No question where they are from! :-)
And here are some sculpted boars that happened to be there too:
Thanks for stopping by and reading.

We will be travelling back on Monday,
See you soon,


Marg said...

Thanks for sharing your photos & have a safe journey home.

K said...

Please please please bring the sun back with you, this grey stereotypical weather is really getting me down now.

Looks like your all having a great time :)

& thank you so much for still reading & commenting on my blog even when your away on your hols :)

PepPop said...

OMG I used to have some of those toys (1970s ones not the 1945 ones!!) Thanks for the memories. Hope you had a great holiday - it certainly looks as though you have. Jaqui x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Yes, thanks PepPop, we had a fabulous holiday, despite the weather for most of the week. Glad that you recognised some of your old toys.

Nicky x

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