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Wednesday 11 August 2010

Boy Craft - Badges

Today I made a craft for my boys whilst they were in London enjoying the Science Museum with their dad.  He took them on the train this morning and I had the whole day and evening to myself!  A rare treat indeed. 

What I have made for them are some boy themed badges:
..with my favourite effect on them - distressing!

I didn't make the backs of these, I just used some old ones that  I already had and stuck new fronts on them.  The designs were all from a new set of small stamps I'd purchased in Germany called 'Heroes & Explorers.'

Some of them had a dry brush effect background and to do that this is what I did.  First of all I drew around the old badge so I knew what size I was working with and then stamped my design into it.  Then I used masking fluid (also purchased in Germany but available here) and painted over the stamped design.  When that was dry, I dry brushed over the whole badge area with red paint (it looks orange on the pic, but it is red).  After that paint had dried, I then rubbed off the masking fluid. After sticking the front down I added handrawn lettering & circles and finally inked the edges.

These other badges have Glossy Accents on the characters to give them a 3d effect:
Badges aren't exactly in fashion atm, but I notice that the shop Paperchase have several ranges in.  Not that my boys will worry about being in fashion.  Hopefully they will wear these, maybe on their hat?  They have got a resemblance to Playmobil characters, so maybe that will persuade them.  ;-)

My boys had a great time in London, they visited the 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' Exhibition as well as the Science Museum.  The photos they have taken at Ripley's are a bit gruesome so I'm not going to show you  those, but here they are in Picadilly Circus:

and sitting on the stand of 'Stephenson's Rocket':
Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,


Gem said...

fab badges Nicky! bet your boys love them :) Xx

Uma said...

brlliant badges, fab stamps. I love distressing too!

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